Here are some links to talented people we love working with.

The More You Know: GMO Links and Information

Stunning Corn Comparison:

Debunking the GMO Myths:

Cornucopia’s Organic Chart:



Julie Rappaport of Yoga Bliss – Berkeley, CA: Julie is a wonderful yogi who will be joining us for the Costa Rica Adventure Spring 2015!

Jane Norton – Martha’s Vineyard

Mollie Doyle – Martha’s Vineyard

Emily Phillips – Martha’s Vineyard

Are you a yogi that want’s to collaborate with Diaeta Way? Get in touch!


Healing Artists

Holly Bellebuono – Herbalist, Martha’s Vineyard: Holly is an incredible herbalist, who has worked with Jan and Diaeta Way on several occasions. She has most recently created a special Detox Tea to go with the online 21 Day Cleanse, and is also one of our special guests for the Fall Metabolic Boot Camp.

Stefan Knight – Pilates/Rolfing, Martha’s Vineyard



Randi Baird, Martha’s Vineyard: Randi has taken many of the pictures of our classes, and strives to live a life in balance. We love her work!


Natural Calm: We recommend this drink supplement to go along with our detox cleanses, as well as for those with stress issues that are affecting their GI. We like it so much that we often offer it for promotions!

Honey Colony: This company provides some great products, including a few raw nut butters that we love getting our hands on!