Functional Medicine: What It Is We Do

Disease Model TreeI was describing to a friend what had brought us together as a group in our Commit To Change retreats. Here’s what I told her:

We are all individuals with health challenges. Whether we seek less stress, ways to increase our understanding of carbohydrates or simply more knowledge about how the foods we eat affect our bodies, we are all looking for a lifestyle that will lead to overall health.

Functional medicine is an approach that addresses the root cause of an illness, instead of relying on drugs to suppress symptoms. It looks at how our bodies are responding to effects from our environment, diet and lifestyle and explores ways to intervene.

Functional medicine is the best defense against chronic disease. It is a study of how your body responds as you explore alternative foods and activities. Participants in Commit to Change are exploring their test results to see how diet, lifestyle and environment influence their health.

The ketogenic diet can contribute to overall well-being. If you have not had a chance to explore it, we encourage you to take a week to get into the ketogenic diet. Chris Kresser is someone we follow and his newsletters are relevant: Here he shares his complete guide to the keto diet.