Why a Wellness Retreats is Worth It

At Diaeta Way, our goal is to help transform lives through health education, and guidance in retraining the mind and body to adopt new choices. Diaeta Way is built on three key resources…

  • Online content at your fingertips
  • Retreats and workshops for full immersion
  • Links and recommendations to valuable health partners

Some readers may be longtime followers of Jan and John’s work, while others might be visiting for the first time. Those who have made it to our events know the transforming, lasting impression a retreat with John and Jan can leave on your life.

While you might find value in your journey to health through online programs like our 21 Day Cleanse, here are a few reasons why a healing retreat is worth your time.

  1. An Escape from the Normal. It is difficult to change habits when you are surrounded by pre-existing schedules, priorities, and quite simply, your daily life. Being in a completely new, and different place while you try to implement big changes allows you to stick to your plan for improvement.
  2. Less stress. Let us be honest – life is stressful. Many find in their first week of detoxing that they start to really physically feel the stresses of their normal life. This is a good thing; it means that you are flushing out toxins. But it is also important to turn off some of the environmental stresses: cell phone, emails, work, etc.
  3. Hands On. We love sharing our recipes; Jan is a recipe machine. However, it is so much easier to learn new techniques and food preparation when you are working right beside a professional.
  4. The Answer to Your Questions. We do our best to answer questions prompted by our blog or our online cleanse as quickly as possible. But at a retreat like the Metabolic Boot Camp, there is no pause as you wait for an answer. John and Jan are there for you, for 5 days, to answer any questions you have about your body, food, or lifestyle as they come up!vitality_kelleydebettencourt_33
  5. Physical Support Group. The beauty of the Internet is that we can support each other from great distances. However, there is an added comfort in being able to see the participants around you, hold their hands, and know that you are all in this together. Yoga is centered around cleansing. Meals are times to share our challenges and joys!
  6. All the Extras. At the Metabolic Boot Camp we go on guided hikes, and have the opportunity for plenty of yoga and massages. Sometimes it is hard to fit or justify that special YOU attention into your daily life. At a retreat, that is what it is all about! Helping you know you!
  7. You CAN Take it with You. We have had endless feedback from previous participants who express the lasting impact of these experiences. Everything you learn will stay with you, and after five days your body will be primed to continue it’s journey to health. You may decide to supplement your experience with our 21 Day Cleanse, and draw out your detox, or you may find ways to implement your Metabolic Boot Camp schedule into your daily routine. Whatever you choose, you will have done this for yourself, and your body. There is nothing that can erase that experience.

We hope to see you at one of our cleanses, and of course if you cannot make it, but would still like to benefit from a detox experience our first group of cleansers have been loving the transformation their body has been going through during the 21 Day Cleanse: A Journey of Renewal!

Photos courtesy Kelley DeBettencourt.


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