Finding Your Food Map April 19-24, 2015

Finding Your Food Map with John Bagnulo & Jan Buhrman

This event has passed, but John & Jan will be hosting Finding Your Food Map: The Journey Continues for one of our  weeks in Costa Rica in 2016!  For more information and to register, click HERE.  Week One is all about Gut Health.  If you are interested in joining us, please register online.  If you would like to join for BOTH weeks in Costa Rica, we are offering a $400 discount.


This is a 5 day retreat with lectures and hands-on cooking on Martha’s Vineyard at the Vineyard Arts Project on Main Street in Edgartown. This retreat will allow individuals to identify their patterns and to eat the foods that are best suited for optimal balance and better health.



Sunday 5-9 April 19
Monday 7-7 April 20
Tuesday 7-7 April 21
Wednesday 7-7 April 22
Thursday 7-7 April 23
Friday 7-12 April 24

The focus of Finding Your Food Map will be based on your individual blood work. You will learn about the foods that are best suited to you and how to cook from recipes that lead to delicious meals that are easy to incorporate into your weekly diet. We will cover supplements that are best for you as well. How many times have you walked away from the doctor’s office wondering if there is something more you can do based on your blood work?

This is the workshop that will help you master the meaning behind the results and enable you to take charge through diet! Under John’s guidance, each participant will be encouraged to consider a periodic ketogenic diet and/or intermittent fasting for 16-18 hours per day.  This is a highly effective means of beating infections and also in supporting overall health. Some general guidelines that we will expand on in detailed discussions are:


  • Inducing periodic ketosis through either fasting or a low carb, low protein diet is a real DETOX and this is very healthy to do as an occasional routine or a regular pattern, depending upon who you are.
  • Many of us need help identifying safe starches that have very low levels of antinutrients. Too many of us are getting exposed to massive amounts of lectins, phytates, and goitergens in our effort to eat more high fiber, gluten-free grains and vegetables like kale.
  • Many of us eat way too many rich sources of omega 6 fatty acids, creating a major imbalance in the body. Nuts and seeds alone can do this to some of us.
  • Those on a prolonged, low carbohydrate diet can starve gut flora and can create thyroid disorders in an effort to lose weight or become more insulin sensitive. It creates a vicious cycle that can be difficult to escape without knowing what to look for.
  • Eating a good resistant starch, at room temperature, with your evening meal will increase your quality of sleep.


Each day will include preparing our meals. In these preparations, you will be encouraged to ask questions and find ways to incorporate the foods that are best suited to you in your menu planning. We will hike and bike, and have daily yoga as well as the cooking and lectures.

Every person is their own ecosystem. We are all made up of different life forces that exert unique influences on our genes and our physiology. Additionally, there are significant differences in our nervous systems, our endocrine systems, our digestive capacity, etc. While there are core principles that apply to and nourish all of us (more vegetable fiber and resistant starch, less sugar, more laughter, more love,) ultimately our differences make us who we are and also make certain ways of eating more compatible with who we are.

John will identify these patterns based upon answers from a specifically designed questionnaire, particular lab tests, and an individuals personal history and your family’s medical history. Learn how to identify your metabolisms preferences and utilize these important discoveries to gain your greatest level of health. Jan will lead us through cooking classes and meals that enhance our systems. We will cook together and learn the value of planning ahead and taking the time around meal time.

There is no one size fits all plan. Some participants may be vegetarians or vegans, some might be Paleo fans, and a few of us might even be on a ketogenic plan. We want you to feel at home and to be comfortable with your choices. We will allow you to explore what will work best for you.

OPTIONAL: In order for you to have a greater understanding of where you are with your health, please bring complete blood work to the retreat.  You will have a clear understanding of what the results mean for you and what you can do to improve your health:


Jan will lead us through cooking demonstrations on whole foods. Each meal will be prepared on site with a focus on hands- on cooking as we prepare our own meals. There will be special attention paid to planning and pantry essentials for living in optimal health.

Healing Arts

Every afternoon, enjoy 2 to 3 hours to yourself. Take the time to ride a bike to the beach, take a nap, get a massage, facial, or pedicure, meditate, take a detoxifying bath or enjoy the small portable infrared sauna on site. Every room has a private bath and tub that we hope you will take advantage of during your detoxifying experience – we will include a recipe for a ginger detox bath in your welcome packet.

Stephanie DaRosa, local aesthetician and manicurist, will be available during your stay – take advantage of her services! She is offering glowing and nurturing skin care and pedicure services throughout the week. Facials will be available for $100 and pedicures for $60 – a special for the week. If you are interested in a session with both services, the package is discounted to $130. Stephanie uses skin care products form Circadia by Dr. Pugliese. These products offer a true blend of science and nature. A natraceutical! Stephanie will also be offering gentle resurfacing peels that will help to combat the glycation process of skin for an additional $40 per facial.

One on One Consultations
John, Jan, and Stefan have all made room in their schedules to meet with Metabolic Boot Camp participants individually at an extra cost. Those interested in personal nutritional guidance, pantry planning, or any of Stefan’s expertise are encouraged to contact ahead of the retreat. Massage therapy and Facials are also available. Please contact for further assistance booking these services.

Special Guests

Stefan Knight – Pilates/Rolfing

Stefan Knight is a certified pilates, rolfing instructor and massage therapist, currently teaching at Vineyard Pilates Center. Stefan will be joining us to lead a workshop during the Metabolic Boot Camp. Stefan comes with years of experience, and accolades. We are very excited that he will be joining us.
Stefan has also offered personal sessions in pilates and rolfing. For those interested please contact us directly at



Jane Norton


Mollie Doyle


Emily Phillips

We have the pleasure of working with a few of our favorite Vineyard Yoga Teachers, each with her own unique style and focus. We will be enjoying yoga daily each morning, lead by Jane, Mollie or Emily. This will give all of us the opportunity to know our body physicality more intimately, and offer a better understanding of yoga through a variety practices and positions.
Jane, Mollie, and Emily are all incredibly kind hearted, and patient yogis with the experience and knowledge to cater towards all levels of yoga.


We all have had different metabolic responses to certain diets. Sometimes people stumble upon what works through travel or experimentation, others try what seems like everything but never get it dialed in. The answer usually lies in reading what our body is telling us. Come discover your individual patterns and create a road map to your health.

Any inquiry requires work. The process of learning who we are is just the start. The real work lies in learning how to slow down so that you can listen. This also allows us to take the time to cook whole meals. Developing this practice is a critical component of the weekend.

Learn what foods are your best staples day in and day out. Find those foods that enable you to correct certain imbalances and what foods will complement your meals to meet essential nutrient needs. Hands on cooking classes will teach you how to prepare the meals that are best suited for your metabolic pattern.

In addition to discussions, lectures and hands on cooking classes, we will practice yoga, meditation, the enjoyment of amazing meals, nature, and each other’s company.



Each day includes: All meals, daily yoga practice, daily hike or bike ride, 3 hours of lecture each day and a 2 hour cooking class. Room rates are $189.00 per night – please contact to confirm your room reservation.

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