Creating a Smart Schedule Promotes Wellness

Adapting to a new lifestyle can be challenging.  It is easy to get disappointed and sometimes it is easier to just “give up” and sink back to old habits. Every minute we can choose to start again and we encourage you approach life this way.   Whether you are about to start a cleanse, make a change in your diet, increase your exercise, start to eat locally, or simply need a stronger sense of balance, a well planned schedule can make the difference between a flirtation with health and lasting life changes.


  • What does your morning look like? Think about what you do before work. What is your morning routine? Do you have time to make a big breakfast, or do you usually grab something on the go? While it can be hard to change your internal clock, there are ways to hack it. If you cannot seem to wake up any earlier in the morning to prepare a healthy breakfast, make it the night before! A smoothie is the best way to start the day. Our kids start the day with smoothies.  A smoothie can contain 55-100 fruits and vegetables in one serving and what a great way to start the day! Don’t be afraid to drop an  avocado half for creaminess, strawberries for sweetness, or spinach for health! Throw all of them in and you only have 4 more to go to meet you minimum of 7 vegetables and fruits a day!
  • Nighttime may be the right time. In fact, you might find that setting aside a couple hours in the evening to prepare food for dinner and the next day’s breakfast and lunch consolidates a LOT of time. Before you go to sleep, clean up your dishes and make your kitchen space easy to navigate for a quick morning tea and smoothie. Have your bag packed if you are going to work the next day.
  • Plan your menu. It may seem like an obvious solution, but don’t overlook setting aside an hour or so to plan your menu for the week. Especially if you are planning on replenishing the fresh vegetables in your refrigerator and pantry more than once a week.  Make more so you always have leftovers. There is nothing like a salad topper with left over dinner to make your salad exciting and fresh!
  • Have Snacks available. Sunday afternoons are made for making and gathering snacks. Soup is our favorite snack. Apples are easy snacks. Spend the end of your summer baking beet chips, cutting quick access carrot sticks and mixing up salad dressings. This is also a great time to simmer any stocks on your stovetop.
  • Find time for yourself. Don’t forget the importance of downtime. Modern life is overloaded with stress. Use strategies to make the most use of your kitchen time, and let your body de-stress by whatever means fits you; a walk in the woods, a long hot bath with a good book, or an hour or two enjoying the company of friends.


Scheduling and creating strategies in life is hard, but important if you want to make real life change. It is easy to feel like there isn’t time or energy for the kitchen – but if you plan ahead of time it can be smooth sailing.

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